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The Sardine Run

The Sardine Run

The adrenaline fueled Sardine Run is a spectacular natural phenomenon.  The mass migration of sardines along the eastern coast of South Africa, in June & July, can be a truly magnificent event.  Port St Johns is one of the prime Sardine Run destinations.  Remember though, nature makes no promises, not every Sardine Run has delivered, but for the lucky ones... it can be the experience of a lifetime.


Divers and nature lovers descend on Port St Johns with the hope that they will be one of the 'lucky ones' to have the 'bait ball' experience and to witness the thrill of a full on Sardine Run .  Oceanic predators pursue the sardines creating a frenzy of feeding, with divers drawn from every corner of the world in close pursuit.  


We were more than happy to host the film crew and divers from 'Bait Ball' at Purple Indigo when it was shot in Port St Johns in 2016.  We supplied catered accommodation for crew and cast alike & saw at close hand the thrilling highs of nature at its best.


If you are the 'independent' rather than the 'package' kind of traveller and want to book your accommodation direct, send an email or give us a call.  It is often much more affordable.  We can put you in touch with dive operators in the area & you can choose to go to sea when the action is really happening.

Dive Operators

If you would like to book our facilities for your tour group we can offer a range of comfortable units for your clients.  If you need  a fully catered option for your guests this can be arranged, just chat to us first.  We are close to local restaurants if you want to entertain your guests, or alternatively each unit has a fully equipped kitchen if healthy home cooked food is preferable, plus each unit has its own television if you just want a relaxed night at home.


We are on one of the deepest points of the river so our slipway is generally a much easier one to use and we have a jetty for boats and ease of access.  

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